Our Company
The design of our services is to provide to our clients the means to achieve legal compliance by offering our clients a fast, efficient and proficient service. This corporate portfolio intention is s to acquaint you with the various services available from GSN Training & Consulting. By ensuring that we have people trained in the working/home environment in basic first aid and basic fire fighting skills, we can make the difference between life and death. A further consideration should be the training of employees in Health and Safety issues to prevent problems before they arise.

Our associates has more than 10 years experience in the emergency medical services, occupational health and safety, risk advisory services and training industry.
We're a family owned business that provide health and safety training to all industries. GSN Training & Consulting's associates are accredited with the following Governing Bodies:

Department of Labour - CI 553
Construction Education Training Authority - 5P53568
Transport Educations Training Authority - TETA11 - 191
Board of Health Care Providers - Practice Number - 011 000 0305073
Our main service is compiling safety files for our clients and added to that we provide all health and safety training, plant and machinery training, tools and equipment training relating to the safety file thus providing a complete service to the client.

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